Pentagon Rubber Private Ltd.



Rubber Conveyor Belts

PENTAGON RUBBER PRIVATE LTD. is engaged in the manufacturing and supplying of superior quality Rubber Conveyor Belts in the national as well as international markets. We are one of the major Rubber Conveying Belts Manufacturers in India. Our Industrial Rubber Conveyor Belts are of enduring quality and special purpose belts up to 1600mm wide in roll lengths up to 400mtrs and breaking strength over 2000 KN,M conforming to world standards DIN, ISO, BIS, BS, OIS and RMA.


We Offer

  • General Purpose Belts Grade M-24 and N-17 with abrasion resistant covers for carrying sharp and bulky materials at high speeds.
  • Heat Resistant Belts made with special covers for conveying at hot temperatures up-to 180°C.
  • Fire Resistant Belts with antistatic properties ideally suited for transportation in Fire hazard applications in under-ground mines. These belts are produced to comply with corresponding CSA, DIN, AS & GOST standards.
  • Oil Resistant Belts to cater to medium and high oil resistant applications.
  • Chemical Resistant Belts for operating under highly corrosive conditions such as urea & potash handling plants.
  • Rough Top & Wavy Top Belts for the transportation of packed goods, especially on slopes.